“I am always happy to see Phyllis arrive at the shelter to do Reiki with our residents.   I give her a list of those most in need of her assistance and she goes around to each cage or kitty nest and calms them with her healing energy.  Sharing her love to heal their broken heart is a precious gift."


      - Testimonial from Gretel Ulyshen

“We rescued a yellow Labrador retriever 7.5 years ago.  We believe her to be 11 years of age, but she could possibly be 12 years old.  During the past year, she has gotten arthritis in her hips which has caused some difficulty in climbing stairs.  Since Phyllis has been giving her long distance Reiki twice a month, the  difficulty has subsided and we find that she has more energy.  We feel fortunate to have found Phyllis!”   


  -  Sara Carpenter White, R.N.  L.C.S.W.

"Phyllis Shadwick has changed my dog’s life with her kindness and amazing use of Reiki. Before I adopted Drake, Phyllis was kind enough to spend her time volunteering at Found Chicago to provide Reiki to the cases that needed special attention: she noticed that Drake was exceptionally responsive to her special gift and he began to blossom and turn into a completely different dog after just a few sessions. With Phyllis’s help Drake came out of his shell and began to trust, thrive, and enjoy life even though shelter life was exceptionally stressful on him. Drake had a CCL repair surgery on his only back leg and Reiki helped him heal and recover in half the time. It was long process for me to adopt Drake due to his being a special case but Phyllis was there for both of us every step of the way, she even inspired me to take Reiki class so I could continue Drake’s healing process. Phyllis is very compassionate and brings her soul into her Reiki sessions to provide the best healing for each and every pet she encounters."


     - Ana C.


"Our 11 year old Wheaton developed a large mass on his spleen that was believed to be cancerous based upon initial diagnosis.  Several weeks went by before we opted for surgery to have it removed. As part of the Dekker’s treatment protocol, Dekker received Reiki from Phyllis from the time we discovered the tumor, to his surgery and through recovery.  We had multiple sessions with Phyllis, both in-person and remote, and each time Dekker seemed to love the treatment  Phyllis always included my wife and me in the sessions, and while Dekker was the focus, it was a great time spent for all of us. We noted after each treatment how happy and better Dekker appeared and I do think it played a key role leading up to the surgery, during his surgery, as well as recovery.   It is something we plan to do on an on-going basis and highly recommend it for any pet going through any type of trauma. Phyllis is a wonderful person and I have no doubt the healing energy she gave Dekker played a big part stabilizing the mass, allowing for surgery, and assisting  in his recovery.  Phyllis is a great practitioner, and is so kind and caring.  You will not be disappointed if you have the chance to work with her.  We are very grateful to have found her."

  - Mike McCall - current client